SELECTING YOUR CUSTOMIZING OPTIONS: In this step, you choose the name and numbering you want applied to your jerseys. You can add back numbers, sleeve numbers, front numbers, and names. As is the case with the team cresting, you have 3 name and number options to choose from.
> Selecting a customizing type: At River City Sports we offer 3 methods of applying your customizations to your jerseys. Please select from one of the following options by clicking the small circular button next to the option name. If you're given the option, choose the number of colors to apply to your numbering, then click the apply button. If you're unsure of what to choose, you can skip this step.
Authentic Pro Stitched
Select Pro Stitched

*Click the small round button above to choose this cresting method.
- The same quality as seen on the ice in the big leagues. Numbers are cut from pro twill, and are stitched directly onto the jersey. Pro stitching allows for up to 3 layer numbers in a wide variety of patterns. Choose from the customizing styles of all 30 NHL teams, as well as other custom styles. You select the colors and materials. Glacier twill, sparkle twill, and other special fabrics are available on request for an additional fee; please call or email for details. Please allow 2-4 weeks for pro customizing. See our price chart for pricing details.

Heat Seal
Select Heat Seal

*Click the small round button above to choose this cresting method.
- These are durable film numbers that are heat applied directly to the jerseys. Generally the most cost-effective option. You can select up to 2 colors from our available color chart for names and numbers. See our price chart for more details.
NEW! RCS Custom Vinyl Numbering
Select Custom Vinyl

*Click the small round button above to choose this cresting method.
- With these numbers, designs are only limited by your imagination! Incorporate corporate sponsor logos, pictures, and other designs directly into your numbering! These full-color, high quality, durable numbers are a great way to make your team stand out. See our price chart for pricing details.

> Preferred customizing pattern or customizing description: If you have a fairly specific idea of how you want your jerseys customized, please describe it to us here. You can also upload an image file if you have one available that is under 24MB.
Pattern or Description of Customizing:
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> Tell us what you want included on your jerseys: If you know what features you want in your customizing, simply use the check boxes below to specify them.
Back Numbers
Sleeve Numbers
Front Numbers
Name Bar

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